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Memoriale dei Caduti Italiani nelle Missioni di Peacekeeping.

Reportage "Nassiriya Project", progetto multimediale nato per onorare la memoria dei Caduti Italiani che hanno dato la loro vita per la causa della Pace, nelle edizioni 2013, 2014 e 2015, ai seguenti url:

Mare Nostrum Exhibit

5 gennaio 2016

Mare Nostrum

A new exhibit with my reportage during Mare Nostrum Operation of Italian Navy…. someone said: “who saves a life saves all world…”

A photographic reportage from Mare Nostrum Operation with Italian Navy during the rescue of refugees in Mediterranean Sea, June 2014.

Now in metaverse as art installation for remembering whom won the fight against death and don’t forget whom not.

Visit this location at FCP Office Gallery in Second Life


Una Luce per il Nepal

28 maggio 2015

fcp x nepalFCP Projects supports “Una Luce per il Nepal”. Fundraising for Nepal with ONG SRDC of Kathmandu, by Explora Nunaat International. Help Us to Help! more info at Thank You!

FCP Headquarters

24 maggio 2014
FCP Headquarters in IO

FCP Projects New Office

Fondazione Connell Project is a totally innovative experimental project which develops in a virtual environment linked to the themes of solidarity, culture, education, and peace, through the use of the virtual environment not as a stage import activities already pre – existing in a non – virtual, but real virtual headquarters that comes from following a reverse process . The development of virtual worlds , still in the primitive stage , the last decade has become sort of laboratory of parallel lives but not already an extension of the real world as well as known.

After our headquarters in Second Life® from 2009 to 2012, since the month of December 2013, FCP Headquarters has been located in the virtual 3D environment of Island Oasis®, up to december 2014.

Now, we have our office in Stadt, Second Life.

Fondazione Connell Project was founded by Asia Connell .

In Memory of Nassiriya Project

4 dicembre 2013


Aratami Project.

17 gennaio 2013

Aratami is a new FCP project for special relaxing moments inworld.

Garden, tropical beach, mermaid underwater, restaurant, and Tai Chi spot on lagoon.

Inside an elegant framework you can enjoy alone or with your partner or friends.

“Gardens in second life are actually usually also for health therapy in immersive ambient”, Asia Connell, owner and founder of Fondazione Connell Project, says.

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My special birthday among Cyberworlds

17 dicembre 2012

only one more day for humanity, all one more year for me 🙂


Invitation at

In Memory of Nassiriya: 12 novembre 2003 / 12 novembre 2012

11 novembre 2012

Cerimonia in ricordo dei Caduti Italiani a Nassiriya il 12 novembre 2003 e di tutti i Caduti Italiani, militari e civili, nelle missioni internazionali di supporto alla pace.

Dalle ore 21.00 sara’ possibile deporre dei fiori e candele all’altare del Memoriale e/o alle tombe dei nostri cari che hanno dato la loro vita per la causa della Pace.


Inoltre sara’ possibile visitare il Memoriale dedicato al ricordo dei 19 Italiani vittime della strage terroristica del 12 novembre 2003 a Nassiriya.


Ceremony in memory of the Italian fallen in peacekeeping missions, on the occasion of the9th anniversary of Nassiriya attack, 12 november 2003, when 19 italians died at Carabinieri Headquarters in Nassiriya, during Antica Babilionia mission.

FCP opens a new office in mainland.

23 ottobre 2012

We are proud to announce that, despite the crisis and the recession, we had wished  to have a presence in sl, with a new little office in mainland where it’s possible to spend some time in relax and talks, listening good music and dance, inside a beautiful gulf in mainland.

And where we’ll talk about our present and future projects, of course 🙂

New office is close Italian Institute of Culture’s land, in Second Life.


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