FCP Headquarters in IO
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FCP Headquarters

FCP Projects New Office maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stadt1/49/190/28 Fondazione Connell Project is a totally innovative experimental project which develops in a virtual environment linked to the themes of solidarity, culture, education, and peace, through the use of the virtual environment not as a stage import activities already pre - existing in a non - virtual, but real virtual… Continue reading FCP Headquarters

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Aratami Project.

Aratami is a new FCP project for special relaxing moments inworld. Garden, tropical beach, mermaid underwater, restaurant, and Tai Chi spot on lagoon. Inside an elegant framework you can enjoy alone or with your partner or friends. "Gardens in second life are actually usually also for health therapy in immersive ambient", Asia Connell, owner and… Continue reading Aratami Project.